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Alexander Berman

Alexz was born in 22.01.1990 in Orsk (Russia).

And now he live in Israel.

He is a man, with two arms, two legs, heart, and head with something like a mind.

This guy loves art and that's why he's been drawing since he was a kid.Now he has been doing computer graphics for several years.He loves art so much...

The only person he loves more than art is his favorite girl.

(She is really awesome and fantastic)

Also he like pizza and video games.

Alexz by the nature of calm and friendly guy.

Worked in various studios.
Created advertising, photo processing, and game development.
Also participated in various art contests and even won.

Alexz speak Russian, English and Hebrew.



Graphic design, drawings, painting,  animation, 3D,modelling ,sculpting, corporate identity,  advertising design, logos, video editing & effects, photo editing & collaging,print design,gamedev.

Why should you do some project with Alex together?

I am an calm and friendly,but also ambitious man.I was born to conquer the world, to change and make it better! My psychologist says that I did not succeed. Naive slave)

So, I came into this world to give it new meaning, to modernize it and remove its imperfections, to remove the limitations we face, to paint the gray reflections with color and melt people's hearts! Because our world is beautiful, but there is no limit to perfection, let us together build beautiful future developments!

What benefits can I bring?

I create original, successful and competitive artistic content. The success of any modern project, in this case, depends not only on unique content, but also on high-quality design.

I am an artist, a designer, not only serious about my work, but I put my soul into it to make each of my works as aesthetic as it can be, to bring beauty and meaning to the world, thereby improving it!Order from me, and do not doubt it, you will not regret it!

Remember, nothing is impossible!

Alexzart logo.png
Alexzart logo.png

WHo I am?

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