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My  GameDev  Adventures

VIDEO GAMES.Video games are cool.They give you the opportunity to be in other worlds and be whoever you want.That's why I want to create my own games.
I participated in several indie developments, but I think I'm still a beginner and I'm still learning.

Core about
Core logo


From 2021 to 2022 I develop mini games and stuff at Core Games.
Core is a game builder based on Unreal Engine4.
The editor is very simple and easy to use, but it allows me to make many of my fantasies come true.
I will be glad if you come play my games.Links for games,in full project descriptions-

THE King in Yellow

Hastur logo

THE King in Yellow is an top-down action-adventure game. The story immerses us in the dark, mystical world of Howard Lovecraft.

We play as one of his iconic characters-Hastur,King in Yellow.


I worked as a team "CORNER STUDIO" member on this project

in 2017-2018. I created UI designs and drawings.

Silenced: The House 

Silenced logo

Do you want to spend an unforgettable time? A great place to take a break from the city noise and everyday problems! Tonight you will experience real horror and despair. Relive a night in the house of your nightmares!


I helped the team "GRAVEN" create animated images and videos in 2017.


Mortido logo

Mortido is an action-adventure game. It is the story of seven people who have a life with easy and not always correct decisions…who are completely different from one another...story about 40 days long path of the human soul after death. The aim of the game is to face Judgment Day and learn the decision about one’s further existence. 


I worked as a team "CORNER STUDIO" member on this project

in 2015-2016. I created 3D models and drawings.

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